Friday, 1 February 2013

Happy February

  Happy new month loves! How fast the days go by. Seems like we got into 2013 just yesterday and wow! -it's February already (the month of love). So Val's day is just in 2 weeks time and what are your plans? What's on your wishlist or shopping bag? Well, everyone is sure getting something red... Right now, I'm craving for a red sequin or lace dress, gold shoes, clutch and jewelleries.
   Have a lovely Valentine!
Stay easy

Thursday, 31 January 2013

First Birthday

Hello loves! I know that it's been quite long since my last post. I really don't have an excuse as to why I haven't made a single post since december 2012- other than packing, moving and all the activities that comes with relocating. But I just couldn't let today go by without creating this post. Today makes it 1 year since I started this blog. And I'm glad I tried to keep up with blogging for these past months. Thanks to you guys for your love and support! And since this is my first post for 2013, lemme use this medium to wish y'all a prosperous new year! Stay easy... Love, Maudleen. xoxo

Friday, 7 December 2012


Hello everyone! Hope you’re having a good day? Well, there’s no better feeling than knowing I’m back to blogging without thinking about all forms of school work -LOL. I’m done with exams and I’ve got a whole lot of time to blog.

About today’s post, I'm sharing with you guys some pictures from a fun time out with my two lovely friends- Grace and Maro. Sometimes last month, that is after my final exams, we had a chance to go spend some time eating, drinking, dancing and taking lots of pictures while seeing new places in town. We actually checked out two bars, and the experience was fantastic!

Well, I won’t say more than that –don’t really enjoy typing. But it was really a fun time me and the girls had. Too bad I didn’t capture good enough pictures to show.

So about my look, I’ve been doing quite a lot of shopping lately, though I’m yet to create a post of the new stuffs that found their way to my wardrobe.
I got this black and white abstract print top, the black pleated skirt and the fuchsia pink shoes last month. And since I couldn’t just wait to show you guys the outfit, I decided to wear this combo for my ladies night out. I hope you like it?

 Did I mention that I got this pink clutch from my mum? It's been in my home for upto 5 years now. And still looks as shiny as ever. 
 Here's Grace stunning in a pink dress.

 And Maro dancing the night away

 Enjoy the rest of your day!
stay easy